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Simpsons Guinness Love...

In last weeks episode the Simpsons went to Ireland which gave the writers plenty of material to throw in some great Guinness jokes! :-)

Lisa discovers the secret recipe for Guinness

Grandpa Simpson demands a "real irish drink" and is served "a shot of Bushmills, served in a potato, floating in a pint of Guinness" garnished with the bartenders spit...

Ireland's Most Cried Into Beer

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    Lunar halo surrounding the full moon. Alchemy weekend at Cherokee Farms.

  • Biiiig bada boom!

    Effigy go BOOM! So this was the highlight of my Saturday night at Alchemy... :-)

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    The beautiful Rhode (in the immortal words of The Cult) "twistin' like a flame in a slow dance"...

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