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The Adventures of Photognome...
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I'm a photographer/IT tech living in Atlanta. I'm a kilt wearing, Guinness drinking, picture taking, airhockey playing, hedonist. I love pubs, clubs, cons, shows, and concerts. I try to live life to it's fullest and look at every day as an opportunity to make new friends and try new experiences. If your idea of an exciting night is plopping on the couch and watching sports or your favorite reality show, then we probably don't have much to talk about. Racists, bigots, and religious whackjobs of any stripe need not apply.

80's, adult swim, akira, animation, anime, anti-bigotry, anti-racism, apoptygma berzerk, aqua teen hunger force, atlanta, barry ween, beastie boys, beborn beton, berke breathed, bjork, black and white, blade runner, blue monday, body modification, boondock saints, borderland, bordertown, bprd, bujold, celtic, chasing amy, clerks, coen brothers, comics, cosplay, dante, david byrne, david cross, david sedaris, delerium, depeche mode, digital photography, doc martens, dogma, dresden dolls, duckman, ebm, eddie izzard, erotica, family guy, fantasm, fear and loathing, fight club, fischer spooner, flogging molly, frank cho, frumpy the clown, fuck racism, get fuzzy, glen friedman, gorillaz, goth, gothic, guinness, guy ritchie, hellboy, henry rollins, hentai, hunter s thompson, independant film, industrial, iris, irish, j-pop, jackie chan, jingle belle, joe rogan, john hughes, john woo, judd winick, kevin smith, kilts, latex, lenore, mallrats, mdma, micheal manning, mike mignola, moulin rouge, mr. show, neil gaiman, new order, newport, oni press, oz, pabst blue ribbon, peter murphy, phil foglio, photography, photoshop, piercings, pocky, polyamory, prime rib, punk, quentin tarantino, red sox, rope suspension, rudyard kipling, sexy losers, silent bob, simon bisley, simpsons, sinfest, siouxsie, skin two, spelling my interests correctly, spider jerusalem, spoken word, spumco, synthpop, tater tots, tattoos, the clash, the critic, the cure, the highlander, the smiths, tinyman graphics, tolkien, transmetropolitan, utilikilts, velvet acid christ, venture bros, view askew, vnv nation, vorkosigan, warren ellis, willem dafoe, william gibson, wim wenders, wolfsheim

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